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Our clients share a common goal: to meet the challenge of digital disruption head-on and elevate their business to a new level by embracing the opportunities that digital technology is presenting them with. They exist in different industries and represent both small and large businesses - but they also recognize the growing importance of being nimble, efficient and digitally savvy in today's digital business environment.

We're proud to share their journey with them.

ICT Group,Australia

ICT Group is a leading provider of telecom and infocomm solutions to businesses in Australia, and is a Telstra business accredited partner.

Azure Digital is supporting ICT Group's CRM system, which is critical to ICT Group's operations

Click Compare Connect,Australia

Click Compare Connect is an internet platform that offers Australian businesses to compare business essentials such as electricity, telecom, Forex and global sourcing services, and secure the best deal and effect cost savings.

Azure Digital is supporting CCC's web site and implementing changes

Shasthta Online,USA

Shastha Online is the Online business of Shastha Foods, based in San Jose, CA, USA. Shastha Foods is a leading distributor of Indian food products in the USA.

Azure Digital is working closely with Shastha Foods to transform their business from 'brick & mortar' to 'click & mortar'. Azure Digital is helping Shastha Foods with ecommerce, mcommerce, digital marketing and SEO strategies and its implementation.


Lawbank is a unique legal services platform providing subscription based legal services in Australia for International students and for Taxi drivers.

Azure Digital is helping Lawbank with their digital business strategy and digital marketing

Madras Sanskrit College,India

The Madras Sanskrit College, in Chennai, India, was founded in 1906, is a leading institution of Higher Learning of Sanskrit - one of the oldest languages in the world. Sanskrit is also the sacred language of Hindus. Azure Digital is helping Madras Sanskrit College with their e-Learning strategy and elearning platform, to take their Sanskrit courses Global.

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